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Planted corn, hay, and live-oaks are all part of our farm at Oak and Harrow.  Located in Edgefield, SC, the property boasts an tree farm consisting of several species of oak trees along with row crops to provide feed for local livestock. 


At Oak and Harrow we love getting our hands dirty and want to be able to share what we like to call our own "slice of heaven" with the community, friends, and family so that everyone can experience and enjoy there visit to the property.  Our goal is to be a place that brings people together and shares its resources for ultimately a greater good in the overall community. 


Through visiting our farm we have several different activities that you may enjoy such as hay rides, fishing rodeos, corn mazes, and an off-road course that will take you winding through the oak trees.  We hope to see you out and invite you to contact us for any additional information or questions that you may have. 


For upcoming events and schedules you can follow us on social media @oakandharrow where we are regularly sharing what our "farm-life" is consisting of!

-Oak and Harrow

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